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I'm Brianna.. And I like unicorns.. c: hover over Sully (correction to my FAQ I'm not 15 anymore)

I’m sorry mom, if this hurts at all… I’m sorry that I couldn’t be stronger for you of all people. I know that I’m not suppose to do this mom.. But it hurts too much. It’s too big of a burden to care by myself. Please find comfort wig our family. Tell Bentley I love him everyday and it was neither of you guys’ fault. Please don’t let my dad act like he gave a shit about me, it’s far too late. Ronnie, thank you for being the dad I needed.. It’s not your fault. Michael, you’ve always been there and it’s not your fault. Brianna… I’m sorry I couldn’t be everything you needed. I’m sorry I couldn’t be everything you needed. I’m sorry I was not enough… It’s not your fault.. Sumer, you’ve been there through it all. You never wanted me to carry my own burdens if you could do it for me. But this was something even you couldn’t carry for me.. It’s not your fault. I love each of you. And it was never your fault.

17🎉 ..yet my faq still says i’m 15 xD

1814 women had no rights. 1914 women had to fight for rights. 2014 women are always right.
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a disney movie where the princess meets her prince online

Why does the princess gotta meet a prince? It’s about time a prince meets his prince or a princess meets her princess..

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